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Ch01 Sociology
The 3 Major Perspectives: schaefer3Perspectives.pdf | more3Persp.pdf | 3PerspectivesExample.rtf | My new 3 Persp lecture! | Khan Academy Functionalist Persp | Khan Academy Conflict Persp | Khan Acad Symbolic Interaction
Ch02 Investigation
Census Factfinder | UnfamiliarObservation.pdf | Sample Observation Paper | Regression Calculator | My Crosstab/Regression Lecture
Ch03 Culture
HSBC Culture 6:26 | NPR Cultural Appropriation 37:00 | leftRight.pdf | Left Right-Mike 17:04 |
immprimer.pdf | weintraub.pdf
5pillars.pdf | Basic Muslim Questions Answered (42:56)
Ch04 Society
Ch07 Mass Media
TedX Filter Bubbles
Ch08 Groups & Orgs
TheCorporation.pdf | TheCorp video
Ch09 Sex
LBGT: Kinzey Report | LGBTVocab.pdf | smithLGBT.pdf | Mike's Interview with Gay Female | Toxic Masculinity |
Hungary's PM bans gender study at colleges saying 'people are born either male or female' | Do men really exaggerate their number of sexual partners? |
Ch10 Deviance
FBI.gov | Mike's Escort Interview
    Economics Alcohol1 | Alcohol2 | Alcohol3 |
Ch11 Stratification
ProtestantConspicuous.pdf | Mike's lecture Prot/Conspicuous 3:47 | webster.pdf Beauty As Status
Ch12 Social Class
Ch13 Global Stratification

TEDTeacherOfNewcomers13:00 | Status & Aspirations of Young Women in Palestine 37:00

JohnOliver Credit Report |

Feminism.pdf | SexualHarassTrainingVideo 5:14
Ch15 Race
Mike's CAIR interview Myth of Race | Mike's Racial Identity Panel Mar 2018 | Mike's Racial Panel Nov 2018 | omi.pdf | mcchesneyRace.pdf | MayrRace.pdf | howardRace.pdf | horvatActingWhite.pdf | | TED How...Positive Racial Identity? I'm White!
What it's like to be a white woman named LaKiesha |
    Toni Morrison: Beloved | Toni Morrison: Beloved | Toni Morrison: Beloved |
Students Aren’t Failing – Colleges Are [Think Podcast 48:44]
Economic Systems
capitalismSocialism.pdf | marxism.pdf |
Social Movements
 Handbook_for_Nonviolent_Campaigns.pdf | KERA The Making of a Movement audio 48:00
    Dallas Al-Quds 2013
    Dallas Palestinian 2014
    Dallas Immigration 2015
    Support for Irving Mosque 2015
    Dallas Anti-Trump 2016
    West Bank Prison Release 2016
    Dallas Syria 2016
    Dallas Immigration 2017
    Dallas Palestinian 2018
Minority Groups - Library Databases
Academic Search Complete (very specific)
    Encyclopedia of Sociology 2nd ed by Borgatta & Montgomery (in library reference shelf, 4 vols.)
    Gale Issues in Context | Society & Culture (topics)
    CREDO (encyclopedia portal)
Race |
McIntosh: Daily Effects of WhitePrivilege | Omi: Racial Formations | Pew Race in America | NPR: Experiences of African-Americans | Feagin: Racial Oppression Today | Labor Market Discrimination |
Immigrants |
  Illegal Immigrants in Texas (taxes) weintraub.pdf | DACA Factsheet | USCIS Official DACA site | Hate in Cleburne |
Populations of Concern | Refugees |
U.N. Refugee facts | 12 things you need to know about refugees | Interview with Syrian Refugee | Interview with Rohingyan Refugee | Waters: Immig Assimilation |
Muslims |
Quran | Dept of State: American Muslims | Islamophobia in Classrooms | Are Arabs White? |
 A Straight Guide to GLBT Americans | Understanding Multicultural Dimensions of GLBT | Mike's Interrview with Lesbian |
    Effects on ADAS
    CNN Not Tariffs but uncertainty from tariffs
    CNN Nervous CEOs spending less cash
    EU Trade Policy
    Containers 9:46
    Costco Chicken 8:29
    Environmental Economics

Wealth Effect-CNBC

    Immigration & GDP
    Uncertainty (PWC 2:17)
    Inverted Yield Curve 8:58
    CNN: Three rate cuts in a row? Investors hope it's true (effect on ADAS?)
    Text: AARP: 5 Ways to 'Recession-Proof' Your Finances (effects of recessionary gap)
    CNN: What is a recession? 1:55
    60 Minutes Jamie Dimon (Chase Bank) 14:47
Interest Rates & Stock Prices (3:15) Lenders are very aware that inflation will erode the value of their money over the time period of a loan, so they increase interest rates to compensate for the loss.
How is Stock Price Determined? 12:28
Random Walk
Sin Stocks AP
Financial Literacy
Underwater Car Loans WSJ | Car Payments 2:51 | Upside Down Car Loan
Millenials No Savings 5:21 |
Economics of Discrimination
AppleCard Gender Bias NBCnews 1:31 | CNBC 4:48
Women's Wages-Conservative explanation PragerU 5:29 (do not show without explanation!)
Reasons Why Women Earn Less 13:08
Research shows men are more aggressive than women in asking for a raise PDF
Sex Discrimination: Crash Course Government and Politics #30 8:06
What Did the Equal Pay Act of 1963 Do? 4:34
    Wage Gap: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 7:17
TANF 5:29
SNAP 5:38
    Unemployment Insurance 2:21
Ch01 Nature of Econ
ACDC Macro Everything | ACDC Videos | |JODIE: What Is Economics? | CrashCourse Macro |
01.1 Power of Economic Analysis KHAN Supply, demand
01.4 Dating & Artificial Scarcity TED 15:31 (10a 11:30 2:30)
01.5 Positive vs Normative KHAN Normative & Positive |
01.7 Appendix A: Constructing Graph ACDC Key Graphs
01.9 Appendix A: Slope of a Line KHAN Slope of a line from its graph
Ch02 Scarcity
02.1 Scarcity Scarcity & Opportunity Cost
02.2 KHAN Opportunity Cost |
02.4 Economic Growth KHAN Production Possibilities | ACDC PPC | ACDC Shifting the Production Possibilities Curve | JODIE: Production Possibilities | JODIE: Production Possibilities
02.5 Comparative Advantage KHAN Comparative advantage | ACDC Comparative Advantage and Terms of Trade | ACDC Comparative Advantage | | ACDC Comparative Advantage |
Ch03 Demand & Supply
03.1 Demand KHAN Law of demand | | ACDC Demand and Supply Explained |
03.2 Shifts in Demand KHAN Change in demand vs change in quantity demanded |
03.3 Supply KHAN Law of supply | | ACDC D&S (2 of 2) |
03.4 Shifts in Supply KHAN Factors affecting supply | ACDC Shifting D&S | ACDC D&S |
03.5 Putting Demand and Supply Together KHAN Mkt equilibrium | ACDC D&S
Why Did Marshall Transpose the Axes? | Freakonomics CS 8/25/19 |
Extensions of D&S

04.2 ACDC Supply, Demand, and Consumer Choice
04.3 Function of Prices Price as a rationing mechanism
04.4 Price Ceilings KHAN Rent control DW loss |
04.5 Price Floors KHAN Min wage price floors | ACDC Price Ceilings Floors | ACDC Taxes on Producers
04.6 Appendix B: Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus KHAN CS | KHAN PS
CNN-Amid immigration crackdown, this avocado farmer is struggling to find workers
Livin’ Lagordiloca - expectations of gas shortages npr Latino USA

    Taxes & Subsidies Illustration | Understanding Subsidy |
Ch05 Public Spending
ACDC Public Goods and Free Riders |
05.1 Market Failures Market Failures, Taxes | ACDC Market Failures |
05.2 Other Economic Functions of Govt ACDC Pollution MSB=MSC
05.4 Public Spending Transfer payments |
Ch06 Funding Public
KHAN Calculating federal taxes
06.2 Federal Taxes KHAN FICA tax
06.3 Tax Rates and Revenues KHAN Tax brackets and progressive taxation | Marginal & average tax rates | Sales Tax Re by Dynamic Tax Analysis |
06.4 Taxation How does Capital Gains Tax work?
The Simpsons Taxes | | Economicsfun: Who Pays the Tax? | Who Pays the Tax.pdf
Unemployment (OpenStax Ch8)

07.1 Unemployment KHAN Unemployment
07.2 Unemployment KHAN Unempl rate primer | ACDC Unempl Natural Rate |
CNN: America is too focused on the unemployment rate 1:31

    Homer Simpson: An economic analysis 4:11
    CNN unemployment
    GM Strike
Inflation (OpenStax Ch9)
KHAN Inflation - measuring the cost of living
07.3 Inflation and Deflation KHAN Inflation, deflation | ACDC Cost-push & Demand-pull | ACDC Measuring the Economy | ACDC CPI
07.4 Anticipated vs Unanticipated Inflation KHAN GDP deflator | Unanticipated Inflation |
07.5 Changing Inflation and Unempl KHAN Inflation | KHAN Real GDP | ACDC Phillips Curve | Love:Phillips Curve
Ch08 Measuring GDP (OpenStax Ch6)
08.01 Simple Circular Flow KHAN Circular flow of inc and exp | ACDC Circular Flow Model | ACDC Measuring Economy |
08.02 National Income Accounting KHAN Accounting for GDP
08.03 Measuring GDP KHAN Components of GDP
08.05 Nominal and Real Values KHAN Real and nominal GDP
Ch09 Global
Ch09 Global Economic Growth and Development (MACRO ONLY) KHAN Investment & consumption
09.01 Define Economic Growth? KHAN Economic growth |
09.02 Economic Growth KHAN Compound interest | ACDC Productivity and Growth |
Ch10 Real GDP
ACDC LRAS, Recession, and Inflation | ACDC Economic Growth and LRAS | LRAS
10.1 Output Growth and LRAS Curve KHAN LRAS | LRAS
10.2 Total Expenditures & Agg Demand KHAN AD | ACDC AD, AS, and LRAS | ACDC AD | Shifts in AD
10.3 Long-Run Equilibrium and the Price Level KHAN Deflationary spiral
10.4 KHAN Inflation | KHAN What is inflation?
Ch11 Classical AD/AS Model (OpenStax Ch11)
11.1 Classical Model ACDC AD & AS (good) | ACDC AD AS up down Practice | ACDC AD and AS |
Prices are rising faster than they have in six years |
| ANIMATION Ch12 The Relationship between AD and C I G X Curve
    ADAS Toy (Excel sheet simulator)
Keynesian (OpenStax Ch12)
Classical v. Keynesian Theories | Neo v. Keynes Brad Cartwright 16:33
11.2 Keynesian Economics and SRAS KHAN Keynesian | ACDC Keynesian | ACDC Classical vs. Keynesian Aggregate Supply | Sticky Wages | AP Keynesian Cross |
11.3 Shifts in the AS Curve KHAN LRAS | SRAS | Paj: Keynes v. Monetarist on LRAS
11.5 Short-Run Variations in Inflation | KeynesHayekRap1 | SchoolOfLifeKeynesBio
Ch12 Consumption

12.1 Planned Consumption and Saving KHAN Consumption function |
12.3 Determining Equilibrium Real GDP KHAN Income and expenditure views of GDP | ACDC Measuring the Economy | |
12.5 The Multiplier, Total Expenditures, and AD ACDC Multiplier Effect
12.6 Appendix C: Keynesian Model and Multiplier Keynes Cross/Multiplier/Prices | PeterRodriquez Keynesian Cross Good

Ch13 Fiscal Policy
KHAN Monetary and fiscal policy | ACDC-ADAS FiscalPlaylist
13.1 Discretionary Fiscal Policy ACDC Fiscal & Monetary Policy Review | ACDC Fiscal
13.4 Automatic Stabilizers KHAN Automatic stabilizers
Monetary & Fiscal Policy Crash Course 9:18
ACDC Monetary & Fiscal Policy (3:58) 
Ch14 Deficit
14.1 Public Deficits and Debts ACDC Deficits & Debts | ACDC Financial Sector
3 reasons to fear America's massive $70 trillion debt pile
Ch15 Money
15.1 Functions and Measures of Money KHAN Money supply: M0 M1 M2 |
15.2 Financial Intermediation and Banks KHAN Fractional Reserve Banking | ACDC Banks Create Money and the Money Multiplier | ACDC Money Ma
15.3 Federal Reserve System: U.S. Central Bank KHAN Multiplier effect | ACDC Monetary Policy |
15.4 Fractional Reserve Banking, Fed, Money Supply KHAN Fractional reserve banking
15.5 Federal Deposit Insurance KHAN Deposit Insurance | Fractional Reserve Banking
Ch16 Monetary Policy (OpenStax Ch15)
ACDC The Money Market
16.1 The Demand for Money KHAN Interest as rent for money |
16.2 How Fed Influences Interest Rates KHAN Money supply | ACDC Loanable Funds Market
16.3 Increase in Money Supply ACDC Quantity Theory of Money | ANIMATION Ch16 Adding Monetary Policy
16.6 Appendix E: Monetary Policy: Keynesian Perspective ACDC Classical vs. Keynesian AS
Monetary & Fiscal Policy Crash Course 9:18
ACDC Monetary & Fiscal Policy (3:58) 
    What are Govt Bonds? 2:37
Ch17 Stabilization
17.2 The Phillips Curve: Rationale for Active Policymaking? KHAN Phillips curve | ACDC Phillips Curve ACDC Phillips Curve (Short & Long Run) |
17.3 Rational Expectations, Policy Irrelevance Proposition, Real Business Cycles
17.5 Behavioral Economics ACDC Behavioral Economics | ACDC Behavioral Economics |
Ch19 Elasticity (OpenStax Ch5)
19.3 Price Elasticity of Demand KHAN Price elasticity of demand | ACDC Elasticity | ACDC Elasticity |
KHAN Cross elasticity of demand | ACDC Elasticity of Demand Coefficients |
19.5 Price Elasticity of Supply KHAN Elasticity of supply
Ch20 Consumer Choice
20.1 Utility Theory KHAN Marginal Utility ACDC Diminishing Marginal Returns ACDC Consumer Choice |
20.2 Optimizing Consumption Choices KHAN Equalizing MU |
20.3 Price Changes Affect Consumer Optimum Real Income
20.6 Appendix F: The Budget Constraint and the Consumer Optimum KHAN Budget Line |
Ch21 Rents
21.1 Economic Rent Explaining Economic Rent | Economic Rent
21.2 Firms and Profits (sole/corp) Economic profit vs accounting profit | Economic Profit and Costs | The Corporation
21.3 Interest (PV) KHAN Time value of money | ACDC Interest Rates: Real vs Nominal | ACDC Time Value of Money
21.4 Corporate Financing Methods KHAN Present value | ACDC Time Value of Money | Cost of Capital
Ch22 Cost & Output
KHAN MR = MC | Graphing the Costs of Production
22.1 Short Run vs Long Run ACDC MC and ATC |
22.2 A Firm’s Production KHAN MC and ATC | ACDC Maximizing Profit | ACDC Resource Market, MRP and MRC |
22.3 Short-Run Costs to the Firm KHAN MR and MC | ACDC Marginal Product and MC |
Ch23 Perfect Competition
23.1 Perfectly Competitive Market Structure KHAN Perfect competition
23.2 Profit-Maximizing Choices of Perfectly Competitive Firm ACDC Perfect Competition Short Run
23.3 Short-Run Supply Under Perfect Competition ACDC Perfect Competition Short Run | ACDC Perfect Competition |
23.4 Price Determination Under Perfect Competition ACDC Graphing Perfect Competition
23.5 The Long-Run Industry Situation: Exit, Entry ACDC Perfect Competition | ACDC Shut Down Rule |
Ch24 Monopoly
24.1 Defining and Explaining the Existence of Monopoly KHAN Monopoly basics
24.2 Demand Curve a Monopolist Faces KHAN Graphs for a Monopoly | ACDC Monopoly Graph | ACDC Perfect Competition and Monopolies |
Ch25 Monopolistic
25.1 Monopolistic Competition KHAN Monopolistic competition and economic profit | ACDC Monopolistic competition |
25.2 Price and Output for the Monopolistic Competitor ACDC Monopolistic Competition LR
Ch26 Oligopoly
26.1 Oligopoly KHAN Oligopolies, duopolies | Concentration Ratio
26.2 Measuring Industry Concentration ACDC Game Theory Dominant Strategy | Herfindahl Hirschman Index
26.3 Strategic Behavior and Game Theory ACDC Oligopolies and Game Theory
26.4 The Cooperative Game: A Collusive Cartel KHAN Prisoners' dilemma and Nash equilibrium |
Economics Links & Articles
Academic Search Complete | Taylor Swift Economics of Music
    city-data.com | burlesonTX.com | cleburne.net | factfinder.census.gov | 2018 TX Higher Ed Almanac Pg63
    cia.gov | infoplease.com | statista.com | usa.gov | WorldoMeters.info | worldbank.org
    Visit the US Treasury in Fort Worth | usDebtClock.org

CapitalismSocialism.pdf | marxism.pdf

    Teaching Assignment | Teaching AssignmentExtraCredit .pdf | Why Did Marshall Transpose the Axes?
    Where you live determines How you live - podcast (47.14)
OpenStax Economics Macro Micro Sociology | UV OpenStax Micro |


    Stat Calculators
    Regression Calculator
    df & t-statistic calc for 1mean | another calc
    Single-Sample Confidence Interval Calculator
    F table calc
    PSPP program.exe
    Histogram grapher
    Complete Lessons
    CrashCourse Videos
    Shape of Data: Distributions: CrashCourse Stats #7 |
    Correlation Doesn’t Equal Causation: CrashCourse Stats #8 |
    Probability Pt 1: Rules and Patterns: CrashCourse Stats #13
    Probability Pt 2: Updating Your Beliefs with Bayes: CrashCourse Stats #14
    Binomial Distribution: CrashCourse Stats #15 |
    Z-Scores and Percentiles: CrashCourse Stats #18 |
    Normal Distribution: CrashCourse Stats #19 |
    Confidence Intervals: CrashCourse Stats #20 | CI=Mean +/- SE (not SD)
    How p-values help us test hypotheses: CrashCourse Stats #21 |
    P-Value Problems: CrashCourse Stats #22 |
    Playing with Power: P-Values Pt 3: CrashCourse Stats #23 |
    Test Stats: CrashCourse Stats #26 |
    T-Tests: Matched Pair Made in Heaven: CrashCourse Stats #27 |
    Degrees of Freedom & Effect Sizes: CrashCourse Stats #28 |
    Chi-Square Tests: CrashCourse Stats #29 |
    Regression: CrashCourse Stats #32 |
    ANOVA: CrashCourse Stats #33 |
    ANOVA Pt 2: Dealing with Intersectional Groups: CrashCourse Stats #34 |
    Fitting Models Is like Tetris: CrashCourse Stats #35 |
    Khan Academy Videos
    Sample vs. Population Mean |
    Variance of a population | Sample variance | Alternate variance formulas
    Standard deviation
    Normal distribution
    Central limit theorem
    Sampling distribution of the sample mean | Sampling distribution of the sample mean2
    Standard error of the mean
    Sampling distribution example problem | Sampling distribution of the sample mean 2
    Confidence interval example | Estimating Pop Proportions | Conditions
    Hypothesis test comparing population proportions [to use z: PN>5 | 1-P>5 ]
    Clarification of confidence interval of difference of means |
    Hypothesis test for difference of means
    Comparing population proportions |
    Regression Squared error of regression line
    Proof (part 1) minimizing squared error to regression line
    Proof (part 2) minimizing squared error to regression line
    Proof (part 3) minimizing squared error to regression line
    Proof (part 4) minimizing squared error to regression line
    Regression line example
    Regression R-squared or coefficient of determination
    Regression Calculating R2
    Second regression example
    Covariance and the regression line
    Chi-square distribution |
    Pearson's chi square test (goodness of fit)
    Contingency table chi-square test
    ANOVA 1: Calculating SST (total sum of squares)
    ANOVA 2: Calc SSW and SSB (total sum of squares within & between)
    ANOVA 3: Hypothesis test with F-statistic
    Brandon Foltz
    Standard Deviation | Std Dev/NFL
    Std Error of the Mean
    2 Pop Hypo t-test
    2 Pop Hypo z-test
    Pop Variance
    Linear Regression
    Stat Help
    Stat Formulas
    Use z-test when n>30 + Pop std known
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