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MusicHost provides audio recording, videography, and photography for musicians, performing artists, and non-profit arts and athletic groups. Most work contributes toward marketing materials or archival records for participants. Experienced in the performing arts, Mike has the “eyes” and “ears” of this industry, and can accurately portray the art.

Audio is digitally recorded using a high-quality stereo Neumann and Sennheiser mics with clear, realistic imaging. One can accurately visualize the performers when listening back. Classical music is recorded this way, capturing optimal sound for this style. Amplified or pop music must be recorded differently. Soloists, chamber groups, and large scale full orchestra/choir can be captured, computer edited, and duplicated to CD or streaming audio. Mistakes can be fixed if there are other good takes. Pricing assumes a typical service, with no complications such as off-stage sound, PA, public interference, or unconventional instrumentation. Mike’s recordings have acquired national and state grants, scholarships, competition rounds, and college entrances.

Video is taped in an economical no-edit format, reducing high post-production costs which can prohibit non-profit productions. This level of video is good for most archival or participant needs, not broadcast or retail DVDs. Packages with print, photography, and DVDs can be produced. Ask about free on-spec videotaping or photography (where we sell direct to participants).

Photography is a much neglected but essential tool of a musician. Gigs are often based on looks. Studio lighting is used for both publicity portraits and full orchestra portraits for brochures. In 2008, Mike’s images were featured in commercial ads and books in Indonesia & Italy. Prints are rarely used these days so hi-resolution digital files are used. No usage fees are charged, so costs are lower. A typical session, in studio or on-location, involves scores of shots, posted to a private webpage, and favorite images are requested for digital airbrushing and enhancement.

Mike has produced media for arts groups in the North Texas area (Dallas, Irving, Plano Symphony, New Conservatory, WRR, Lone Star Wind Orchestra, Arts District Chorale, Voces Intimae, GDYO, Texas Camerata, Symphony of the Hills) and has been on assignment in Austria, New York, and Colorado. With extensive experience in both multitrack studio recording and performing as a professional violinist, he now successfully produces for others.

We were so relieved to see the day through that we haven't looked back since, nor have I taken the time to thank you! You were so pleasant and professional to work with and we look forward to seeing you in May. Poor Don was thrown for a loop the day of the event, but we are keeping the faith believing the next concert you are here to record will go as smoothly as possible, and there was no doubt that Don did his homework on the piece -- I was very proud of him as was his mom sitting next to me. In the end, the main thing is that the conductor's wife is okay after all, and even with all the snafus of the day, it's really the people in our lives that count. Got the DVD in the mail yesterday, but we are in the middle of a move right now (moved some stuff last night) but I am sure we will watch it this weekend when we can concentrate. Really impressed with the turnaround time and the link you sent earlier in the week! -Dr. & Mrs. Donald Crandall

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