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Record CDs or streaming audioClassical music recording only especially for strings, organ, vocals, choir, winds, and full orchestra. Neumann and other mics go into a mic preamp, limiter/compressor, and into a 16/24-bit digital recorder. Miking techniques developed for classical music are used.

Natural reverb is desired - that's why a large, live room, like a large cathedral, is best. Small rooms or homes are the worst places to record - the inaudible slapback will make your tone sound tinny. If you need to overdub, isolate tracks or produce a "pop" sound, a multitrack studio will be rented. Some good sounding venues are the Meyerson, Mesquite, Eisemann, DMA, and Cathedral Guadalupe. Mid-Side miking with spot mics are typically used with orchestras and choirs.

See the incredible 24' orchestra mic stand!Digital files are later uploaded into a computer - maintaining its digital nature - and can be edited for tracks, smooth in/outs, and to fix any mistakes. Seamless editing down to the wave level. All tracks are mastered - not just cut straight to CD - all tracks start and end correctely. Applause is faded out. A sequence of tracks is determined and WAV files produced.

Production ServicesFiles can be used as is or as a master for pressed CDs. WAV files can also be converted to streaming audio, WMA, MP3, YouTube, and Flash.

We suggest you well-rehearse your group, so you don't have to spend recording time rehearsing. It's a good idea to listen back, at least to the first few takes, to see how you sound on tape. We will try to make sure you are relaxed, not nervous, and are at 100%. Expect to spend 6-10 times the amount of recording/editing time per finished time.

We are experts in competition recording, and have had 1st place winners in competitions like DMTA, Dallas Symphonic Festival, Lennox, Lynn Harrell, Corpus Christi, etc. We make it very comfortable for you in potentially nervous situations. College applicants have won entry into Julliard, Stanford, Harvard, CIM, and Curtis. We have experience in recording and converting formats for prescreening and recorded auditions.

Celeste GoldenEquipment includes Tascam & Edirol recorders, Neumann KM184, Audio-Technica 4050, Sennheiser MKH30, Sony wireless, Countryman 101 & Shure mics, DBX 166XL Compressor, Sound Devices MP-2, Mackie & other mixers, Shure SRH840 headphones, Alesis M1Active 320 powered monitors, Fuji S2 digital camera, Panasonic AG-HMC40 Hi-Def video, snakes, mic & C-stands, 14'-24' stands for orchestra.

To sell recordings, copyright laws must be followed, and fees paid via Harry Fox for composers' copyrighted works. More on copyrights and public domain. Usage rights are granted by MusicHost for its creation in the work.

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