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It has been a sheer joy working with you. From your artistic take, timing, and the professional service from the beginning to the end, Beatrice and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Many thanks to your work and patience! ~Christina Long (music video)

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American Institute of Musical Studies (Austria), Amerson Music, Arts District Chorale, Asher Fisch conductor (NY), Brighter Horizons Academy, Wesley Beal-organ/conductor, Berkner School, Bethany Church, Bilal Center, Blue Candlelight Promoters, Emanuel Borok-DSO concertmaster, Clavier Trio, Conservatory Music in the Mountains, Corsicana Arts Chorale, Cremona Violins, Dallas Chamber Music Society, Dallas Philharmonic Choir, Dallas Strolling Strings, Dallas Symphony, Dealey School, Delmar Reynolds (CA), Valerie Dimond, East Texas Symphony, Enviso Orchestra, Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Fine Arts Chamber Players, First Presbyterian Dallas Choir, First United Methodist Church, Arkady Fomin, Fort Worth Early Music, Thomas Froehlich-organ, Lindsey Gallegos-soprano, Galleria Ice Skating Center, GDYO, Celeste Golden, Goodtree Academy, Hector Guzman, Highland Park Middle School, Hockaday School, Holy Trinity Church, Islamic Association of North Texas, Greenhill School, Joe Illick-conductor, Imperial Brass, Irving Symphony Orchestra, Islamic Association of Allen, J&A Beare (London), Jamila Javadova, Michiko Jones, Latin Folk Fiesta, Dr. Lee Lattimore-flute, Shu Lee-DSO violin, Suyun Lee-violin, Beatrice & Christina Long, Lone Star Wind Orchestra, Bobby Lyle-jazz piano, MARC (VA), MAS, Louise Mills-soprano, Helvi Maxted, Melange Musical, The Music Broker, Music International (Slovakia), Music in the Mountains-Colorado, New Conservatory of Dallas, Ed O’Meara, Bruce Patti-DSO violin, Sho-Mei Pelletier-DSO violin, Delmar Pettys-DSO violin, Plano Civic Chorus, Plano Symphony,Post Modern Productions, Prelude Strings, Sasha Qi, Richmont Holdings, Regan Smith-van Cliburn contestant, Ron Spigelman conductor (NY), Damin Spritzer-organ, The Stewpot, St. Marks School, St. Matthew Cathedral, St. Rita Church, Symphony of Toys, Motoi Takeda-DSO violin, Jay Terpstra-organ/conductor, Texas Camerata, Texas Chamber Orch, Wyndham Tsai-cello, Unsigned The Magazine, Iris Van Eck-cello, Voces Intimae, Bing Wang-DSO violin, Koko Watanabe-violin, Young Strings.

We were so relieved to see the day through that we haven't looked back since, nor have I taken the time to thank you! You were so pleasant and professional to work with and we look forward to seeing you in May. Poor Don was thrown for a loop the day of the event, but we are keeping the faith believing the next concert you are here to record will go as smoothly as possible, and there was no doubt that Don did his homework on the piece -- I was very proud of him as was his mom sitting next to me. In the end, the main thing is that the conductor's wife is okay after all, and even with all the snafus of the day, it's really the people in our lives that count. Got the DVD in the mail yesterday, but we are in the middle of a move right now (moved some stuff last night) but I am sure we will watch it this weekend when we can concentrate. Really impressed with the turnaround time and the link you sent earlier in the week! Dr. & Mrs. Don Crandall, Symphony of the Hills
Whoever the boss was on this CD (Te Deum by /Holy Trinity), he/she/it/they did a masterful job with a difficult piece. Balancing the orchestral and choral elements couldn't have been an easy job....and the sound engineer should move to Nashville and make a few million making shit kicking tunes. Wonderful. Listening to the CD as I write this...the fifth time in two days. Love it. D. Richard.
Smitty: Great photography work too. BL: The photographer’s name was Mike . He did a very nice job, though. I said “Thank you for making an old man look good.” (Both laughing.) Smitty: Absolutely, but it’s great photography work. Jazz Monthly
Wow Mike!! What a cap.I live the way you record them in action! So cool.
Michiko Jones
Working with Mike, was incredible. He made me feel extremely comfortable in an unknown setting of the photoshoot. He educated me on the various aspects of the industry and the profession which was very helpful. The finished product was consequential in helping me obtain a role in an upcoming independent film. I was surprised and thrilled to view the headshots and fashion photographs since Mike had truly captured my essence. I have never received such compliments before. He really took the time to explain what he was seeking and was patient when answering questions. He was also very helpful in informing me about opportunities and possible leads in the city as well as out of town. I wish I will get a chance to work with Mike again in the future. A. Chudasama, Scientist, Canada

We've finally received a copy of the magazine with the write-up and your photos. It looks great and everyone is thrilled at how well its turned out. How many copies of the article did you need? Emma Wilkinson, DelMar Reynolds

"Mike was great for professional shots I had requested. These were perfect for organizational websites and publications I have been interviewed for. He went the extra mile to ensure that I was happy with the results and deliverables at the end." Christina T.
Looks great! I may not even need an insert after all.
Michie Akin
Your pictures are simply FABULOUS--outstanding clarity, depths of fields, exposures, and coverage. Onieda Cramer-NCD
The pictures turned out great! Thank you so much!! Also, skating magazine did a story on the show and would like to include photos. We gave the editor, Joanne Vassallo your email address and the link to your website. Holly Kirby
"Over the years, Mike has provided creative web development combined with strategic insight and direction for the many web development projects I have been in charge of directing. Mike 's knowledge of the internet and his ability to deliver an effective and cost effective "web experience", are reasons why I keep coming back each and every time I have a new web project." Gina M.R. Smith, President, iOutMarket, formerly with TRW
Great job! Natalya Kalizine, bride
"I gave one of the two final CD's you made to Deb Austin but kept the other and have made a few dubs the past couple of days for Deb Baron and a few others. You did great work. Thanks again for doing this." Lee Lattimore, DMA
"The history book was handed to Taylor Publishing at 1:30 this afternoon. Jay Love, the person we have been working with at Taylor was pleased to receive all the "goodies." He thought the cover was beautiful and was very excited about the layout and design. He was impressed, to say the least." Carol J. Adams, author
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