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An economist walks into a bar Quizlet | VocabMP3

Opportunity Cost
Avocado 23ABC | Avocado growers

| VocabMP3



ACDC S&D Explained
ACDC S&D Explained Pt 2
ACDC Double Shifts
ACDC S&D in 8 min
ACDC Supply & Demand Practice
ACDC Supply & Demand TipsMrW Market Equilibrium
MrW Demand
MrW Supply
How to Draw D using Demand Equation (function)
How to Calc Mkt Eq (from Equations)
Quizlet | VocabMP3

MRU The Equilibrium Price & Quantity
MRU The Demand Curve
MRU The Supply Curve
MRU What Shifts Supply Curve?
MRU What Shifts Demand Curve?
MRU Exploring Equilibrium
KHAN Law of demand
KHAN Demand Curve as Marginal Benefit Curve
KHAN Factors affecting supply
KHAN Changes in Market Equilibrium
KHAN Change in S vs. change in quantity supplied


ACDC Consumer & Producer Surplus
ACDC Markets: Consumer & Producer Surplus
KHAN Consumer surplus Intro
KHAN Producer surplus
KHAN Total consumer surplus as area

MRU What Is Producer Surplus?
MRU What Is Consumer Surplus?
MRU Change in Demand vs. Change in Qty Demanded
MRU Understand Supply Curve: Shifts & PS
MrW Consumer Surplus, PS & Deadweight Loss
Floor/ Ceiling
ACDC Price Ceilings & Floors
KHAN Rent control & deadweight loss
MRU Price Ceilings: Deadweight Loss
MRU Price Ceilings: Misallocation of Resources
MRU Price Ceilings: Rent Controls
MRU What Is Deadweight Loss?
MRU Price Ceilings: Shortages & Quality Reduction
Excise Tax
ACDC Government Intervention
ACDC Taxes on Producers
KHAN Taxation & dead weight loss
MRU Commodity Taxes
MRU Tax Revenue & Deadweight Loss
MRU Who Pays the Tax?
KHAN Shifts in demand for labor MRU Price Floors: The Minimum Wage
Quizlet | VocabMP3
ACDC Elasticity of Demand
ACDC Elasticity Overview & Tips
ACDC Elasticity Practice
KHAN Intro to price elasticity
KHAN More on elasticity
Quizlet | VocabMP3
MRU Calculating the Elasticity of Demand
MRU Elasticity of Demand
MRU Elasticity of Supply
MRU Office Hours: Elasticity of Demand
MrW Price Elasticity
MrW Cross-Price Elasticity
Kewpie Dolls
ACDC GDP & Economic Growth
ACDC GDP & the Circular Flow
ACDC Limitations of GDP
ACDC Nominal & Real GDP
ACDC Nominal & Real GDP
ACDC GDP Deflator Practice
Quizlet | VocabMP3
KHAN Components of GDP
KHAN Real GDP with Deflator
KHAN Accounting for GDP
KHAN GDP deflator
KHAN Real & Nominal GDP
JODI Nominal vs. Real GDP
MRU Nominal vs. Real GDP
ACDC Time Value of Money
MRU Real GDP/Capita & Standard of Living
MRU What Is the Real Interest Rate?
U.S. Deflator Values 2017
CNBC What is GDP?
KHAN Time value of money
Atomi GDP Growth
Andre Jihk Recession Factors

ACDC Unemployment
MrW Unemployment
Quizlet | VocabMP3
MRU Frictional Unemployment
MRU Cyclical Unemployment
Reich-Labor Shortage? | CNN Am Don't Want Jobs

MRU Is Unemployment Undercounted?
MRU Labor Force Participation
MRU Defining Unemployment Rate
MRU Structural Unemployment
MRU What Is Natural Rate of Unemployment?
AI unemployment CNN
MRU Causes of Inflation
MRU Costs of Inflation
MRU Costs of Inflation
MRU Inflation Thru the Ages: What Should You Do?
MRU Measuring Inflation
ACDC Cost-push & Demand-pull Inflation
ACDC The Phillips Curve
ACDC Price Indices & Inflation
How raising interest rates control inflation?
Cardi B BLASTS Rising Grocery Prices

KHAN Intro to inflation
KHAN Winners & losers from inflation
KHAN What is inflation?
KHAN Nominal Real interest, & inflation
KHAN Deflation
MrW Inflation
MrW Price Indices & Measuring Inflation
MrW Cost-Push & Demand-Pull Inflation
MrW The Phillips Curve
Quizlet | VocabMP3

ACDC Short-Run AS
ACDC Long-Run Self-Adjustment
ACDC AS&AD Practice
MRU The AD Curve
MRU Long-Run AS Curve
MRU Short-Run AS
MrW Short-Run AS
MrW Aggregate Equilibrium
MrW Long-Run AS
KHAN Shifts in AD
KHAN Short run AS
KHAN Long-run AS
KHAN Demand-pull inflation under Johnson
KHAN Cost-push inflation
KHAN Stagflation
Quizlet | VocabMP3
Keynes & Classical
ACDC Keynesian Economics & Deficit Spending
ACDC Long-Run AS, Recession, & Inflation
ENH The Keynesian Long Run AS Curve
KHAN Keynesian economics
KHAN Risks of Keynesian thinking
MRU Sticky Wages
MRU Game of Theories: The Austrians
MRU Game of Theories: The Keynesians
MRU Game of Theories: The Monetarists
MRU Game of Theories: Real Business Cycle
Quizlet Ch12 | VocabMP3 Ch12
Quizlet Ch13 | VocabMP3 Ch13
ACDC Multiplier Effect
What's a Bitcoin?
India's love affair with gold
JODI Quantity Theory of Money
KHAN Quantity theory of money
Prof. Lawrence H. White: The Gold Standard
MrW Money Multiplier
MRU Money Multiplier
MRU Quantity Theory of Money
MRU Changes in Velocity
Monetary Policy

CNN-Monetary Policy
Monetary & Fiscal Policy Crash Course 9:18
60Min Powell |

What are Govt Bonds?
Quizlet | VocabMP3
Fiscal Policy

KHAN Tax brackets & progressive taxation
Marginal & avg tax rates
ACDC Fiscal Policy
CNN: Marginal Tax

KHAN Monetary & fisc policy
KHAN stabilizers
Quizlet | VocabMP3
Comparative Advantage
ACDC Comparative Advantage | Practice | Hacks MRU Comparative Adv | KHAN Comparative Adv
 Keynes Cross
CULT Keynesian Cross Model
Rodriguez Keynesian Cross
KHAN Keynesian Cross
OpenStax AppB
Soc, 3P
CC Major Sociological Paradigms 9:38
Wisdom of Sociology: Sam Richards 13:59
Dr. Mike Anim: Scientific Method 9:01
What can you do w/Soci 7:49 | Careers for Hum/Soc 19:49

Durkheim | Marx | Weber | Goffman | Merton | Thaler
What Is Sociology 9:41
Quizlet | VocabMP3
SNL Plagiarism |


Natalie defends her dissertation
What Not to do...Research 18:26

Quizlet | VocabMP3

CC Cultures, Subcultures 9:39
Cultural intelligence: competitive edge
Chopsticks 5:00~

Cultural Appropriation VICE 3:32
Quizlet | VocabMP3


CC Max Weber & Modernity
CC Symbols, Values & Norms
Max Weber & the Protestant Ethic
Roles and Status
What is Social Constructionism? 3:30

Victim Sends Life Savings
Marx Base and Superstructure
Marx False Consciousness
Quizlet | VocabMP3
Groups Orgs
CC Social Groups
CC Formal Organizations
CC Bureaucracy Basics
The Corp
Quizlet | VocabMP3
CC Deviance
CC Theory & Deviance
Sociology: Prostitution
Sociology: Interview with Escort
Quizlet | VocabMP3
Beware online "filter bubbles
Why AI Is Incredibly Smart & Shockingly Stupid
What's a Bitcoin?

News Anchors AI Constr of Reality

Quizlet | VocabMP3

CC Global Strat & Poverty
CC Social Strat
CC Social Strat in the US
CC Why is there Social Strat?
Hockaday | Grady Spruce
Velvet Rope Economy
Inc by Ed

Lifetime Income x Ed 2009 ResearchGate
Pumpkin Spice podcast 2:51
2014 Legatum Prosperity
Haiti CNN
Credit check
A Nation of Tribes: How Class Divides
Quizlet | VocabMP3


Cracking the Code
CC Race & Ethnicity
CC Racial/Ethnic Prejudice
Schwarzfahrer 3:39
Doll Test 10:00
Eddie Murphy Black like Me 5:55
Omi: Racial Formations Animation | PDF
How Asian-Am Become Center 9:41
Affirmative Action Hasan Minhaj 21:47

Census Data Release
How Can I Have a Positive Racial Identity?
Is Pakistan 'obsessed' with fair skin?
Systemic Racism Explained
Fixing what the Fair Housing Act didn’t MP3
Haravrd Affirmative Action class 55:00
AffAction v. Race-Neutral WSJ 8:10
Quizlet | VocabMP3

Sex Gender

Kahoot LGBT

CC Sex & Sexuality
CC Gender Strat
CC Theories of Gender
Sexual Harassment
Born This Way podcast MP3 1:14:07
Gay Female
Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model
Sexual orientation and gender identity
Feminism PDF
Quizlet | VocabMP3
CC Theories About Family & Marriage
CC Stages of Family Life
Marriage Is a Partnership 1951
Two Parents Are Better Than One 68:38 | MP3 59:52 |

CNN: AI gf
Indian Matchmaking
Jikh: How many GFs 12:42
Quizlet | VocabMP3

Work Economy
America's forgotten working class
BBC Surplus value 3:48
CC Economic Systems & Labor Market
CC Karl Marx & Conflict Theory
Why Gig Economy Is A Scam
Why Do We Work?
Capitalism 1948 Propaganda
A Look At Income Inequality
How people get the good jobs
Texas Standard SkillsGap MP3
Quizlet | VocabMP3
Cultural Competency in Health
Implicit Bias Health
Social Theories Med

UNHCR Who are stateless people? 2:12
Causes of statelessness 2:13
Rights of stateless people 2:13
Consequences of statelessness 2:54

Soc Jokes
  Jokes1 | | Quizlet | VocabMP3
Consumer MU
ACDC Marginal Analysis & Cons Choice
MRU Intro to Consumer Choic

MRU Consumer Optimization
MrW Marginal Utility
MrW Utility Maximization

KHAN Intro to utility

KHAN Marginal Utility

KHAN Equalizing Marginal Utility per $ Spent
Production Output
ACDC Short-Run Cost Curves
ACDC Maximizing Profit & the Shut Down Rule
ACDC Economies of Scale & Long-Run Costs
MrW Production Costs
JODI Cost Curves
I Hired 30 Chefs to test MPL
Perfect Competition
ACDC Perfect Competition Short Run
ACDC Perfect Competition
MRU Maximizing Profit Under Competition
MRU Maximizing Profit & the Avg Cost Curve
MRU Entry, Exit, & Supply Curves
MrW Perfectly Competitive Firms
MrW Perfectly Competitive Firms Long Run
MrW Profit Maximization
MrW Graphing Cost Curves
MrW Imperfectly Competitive Firms
ACDC Monopoly Graph Review (other pts)
KHAN Economic profit for a monopoly
KHAN Monopolies vs. perfect competition
KHAN Monopolist optimizing price: Total revenue
KHAN Monopolist optimizing price: Marginal revenue
MRU The Monopoly Markup
MRU Maximizing Profit Under Monopoly
MRU Office Hours: Monopoly Profit
MrW Price Discrimination
MrW Monopolies
Mono Competition
ACDC Monopolistic Competition in the Long-Run
ACDC Monopolistic Competition
MrW Monopolistic Competition
KHAN Monopolistic competition & economic profit
KHAN Long term economic profit for monopolistic comp
Game Theory
Nash Equilibrium in 5 Min | Examples | Khan: Prisoners Beautiful Mind Nobel Scene
Equity vs. debt
MRU Intro to the Bond Market
MrW Bond Prices & Interest

KHAN Relationship between bond prices & interest
KHAN Intro to bonds
KHAN Treasury bond prices & yields
WSJ SVB lost $1.8B on the sale of bonds


FFC-Taxes | FFC-Invest | FFC-Credit | FFC-Budget | FFC-Welfare |
2c Emergency Fund |

Credit & Debt | Budget | Tax |

Kelly Blue Book

How to Succeed in the Workplace 2:03 | Dave Ramsey GenZ 10:05 | Interview Tips 17:05 | TWC  
  Credit Freeze Experian | TransUnion | Equifax  
    Why Did Homer Simpson Have a Better Job 10:42
Homer Simpson: An economic analysis 4:11
Calculate the Value of Life 3:21
Graph Paper

Rap Fear the Boom and Bust I 7:32
Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek II 10:09
Becoming Investment Analyst 15:23
Ed v. Inc graph

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